Walking the…what?

I saw a woman walking two dogs, one a really weird looking one. Then I realized that it was a pig. She was walking her pig around the neighborhood. Not one of those cute pot bellied ones either – a coarse, messy, prehistoric-looking beast. I thought about it and then was like “why not?” The […]

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Sakura sunshine

It was one of those days where people were stumbling out into the sunshine, drunk on the smell of flowers, and getting sprinkled with early cherry blossom petals. Everything is bursting into bloom, and we got some much needed vitamin D. Happy spring everyone.

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A gardener’s paradise

We have a long growing season here, and I’m wild about digging my hands in the dirt. I just spent a blissed out hour at Portland Nursery, dreaming about what to do with gardening space this year. I decided that the back patio needs a makeover. It’s fully enclosed, mostly out of direct sun, and […]

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Welcome to Portland

We have centuries of history of peoples gathering here. Now it’s morphed into a phenomenal mix of urban and rural pleasures. Record numbers of people are moving here, and there are some compelling reasons why: We have a thriving night life, a vibrant art scene, and an urban oasis of energetic, open minded people who […]

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